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Our logo's border is Red for the thin red line that we will never forget the brothers and sisters that we have lost.
The logo's background is black to represent all emergency services honor guards.
Our name sits atop an encircling old style fire hose with a smooth bore nozzle just below.
The logo's focal point is the maltese cross, Fir Na Tine which means Men of Fire in the top of the maltese.
To the left and right of the maltese are our tools of our trade, Bagpipes and Drums.
The bottom of the maltese showes an old style fire helmet.
The center of the maltese represents Pilot Mountain, Yadkin River, Winston-Salem (Old Salem) Teapot, Thomasville Chair and a Tobacco leaf showing our primary agriculture in our area. These are landmarks that represent our Piedmont surroundings as well as the North Carolina State Flag.

Special thanks to Kernersville Firefighter Chris Kauffman and
Winston-Salem Firefighter Ethan Richards for desiging our logo.

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